Award-winning The Beatles and Me On Tour  by Ivor Davis

When Elvis Met The Beatles – August 27, 1965

And author Ivor Davis WAS THERE! Read about this historic rock and roll meeting of titans.
And, read the letter Elvis sent to President Nixon condemning the new lifestyle of young people.


Beatles cover angled“What I LOVE about Ivor’s book is he was there and he reminded me of what it was like as The Beatles began that cultural and musical revolution – the enthusiasm of those young Englishmen setting out to conquer the world! Ivor’s was there!!!” – Peter Noone, Lead singer, Herman’s Hermits

“He (Ivor) got to know ‘the boys’ and the intricacies of their relationships, witnessed their sexual peccadilloes on the road, and became close to their manager, Brian Epstein. He was present when the Beatles met Elvis and when they smoked pot with Bob Dylan for the first time. Fans of the Beatles will absolutely delight in Davis’s insider account of a frenetic tour, and there are several stories that enthusiasts have never heard before.” Publishers Weekly

“If you love The Beatles, the Sixties, and great writing, this new book is a must read! Seriously, you feel like a fly on the wall, as if you were there back in 1964.” – Amazon Review

“Ivor Davis was front and center during The Beatles 1964 tour of America. Covering the tour for London’s Daily Express Davis was one of a handful of journalists that had unfettered access to the Fab Four…. There’s plenty of anecdotes and behind the scene  nuggets to keep you reading.”Book Patrol Review:

In 1964 journalist Ivor Davis got assigned to hang out, travel with and get to know the four members of a new pop group from Liverpool who were tearing up the world with their music: The Beatles. In The Beatles and Me On Tour, IPPY gold medalIvor Davis recounts the rip-roaring adventures of the most legendary band at a critical moment in the history of rock ‘n’ roll.

Awarded the Gold Medal for Best Memoir, the book won the IPPY from Independent Publisher Book Awards.