On this Day in 1965

August 28, San Diego

A quickie bus (with a lavish open bar) trip to San Diego. Local fan club president Kathie Sexton had lobbied ferociously to bring The Beatles to her hometown after being ignored in l964. Now she finally got her wish as the lads came to Balboa Stadium for one concert.

What advice do you have for teenagers? They were asked at the ever present press conference: “Don’t get pimples,” Paul shot back

Susan Clark aged 14, with three friends, was picked to give The Beatles the key to the city: She was stunned to find herself hobnobbing with the boys in their dressing room. Ringo offered her a piece of his fried chicken dinner.

They performed for a crowd of just over 17,000—strangely much less than the stadium capacity Ten minutes later the bus broke down—parked in a local mortuary—and The Beatles returned to Los Angeles in hastily summoned limos.

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