On this Day in 1965

August 29, Los Angeles:

Two nights back in Hollywood—for two Bowl performances.

Producer George Martin taped the shows for release as records but the noise was so overwhelming and Paul’s mike went dead for four songs, the tapes were not usable. Years later they were cleaned up—and re-released.

Bob Eubanks—who in l964 borrowed $25,000 to stage The Beatles first show, promoted the two concerts. His loyalty to The Beatles was rewarded when he was given a $10,000 discount—and only had to pay $90,000 for the two concerts.

Bob Eubanks turned around and sold the rights to KRLA radio—and said: “I made more than The Beatles did for playing the Bowl.”

Press conference—for a change—was held at Capitol Records in Hollywood where Paul said he enjoyed the break– “lazing around—and visiting Elvis.”

At first Hollywood Bowl concert, girls fainted and needed medical help—and a couple dived into the fountain in front of the stage and tried to swim to The Beatles on stage. Bedraggled and soaked they were pulled out.

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