On this Day in 1965

August 31, San Francisco:

For a change The Beatles jet landed at a remote section of the airport—and dodged the waiting fans. But a 13 year old girl managed to give John a pair of Long Johns—and was rewarded when John handed her an odd souvenir: A half smoked cigarette: “I’m going to frame this,” she giggled.

Their final concert gig of their second US tour—and they wound up at Candlestick Park in San Francisco. The Golden Gate City was where they had started in August 1964. At The Cow Palace.

Joan Baez came to visit John backstage along with Johnny Cash. Concert delayed several times, by some unruly and hysterical fans who tried to storm the stage but were hauled off by cops in mid concert. “Calm down” Paul urged the crowd.

At the second concert extra cops and security men were hired—and a huge fence between the spectators and stage reinforced. But still the girls swarmed forward.

After their final concert fans attacked their limo, crushing the roof and flattering the tires, The limo was empty—The Beatles holed up in their 8th floor suite in the Cabana Motor Hotel near Palo Alto.

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